Gerald and Le Ann Swindle never really have an offseason. Once the Bassmaster Elite Series is over, the two hit the road hunting across the country for Moultrie’sThe Hit List that airs on Outdoor Channel.


For all of the fans of Moultrie's "The Hit List", we have a special treat: the second Hit List hunter to join us on the podcast is the G-Man himself, Gerald Swindle! We talk hunting, fishing and how to deal with a cameraman in a treestand.

Up a Tree with Swindle

The obsession started at an early age. “ I wasn’t old enough to carry a gun, but anytime Daddy
would leave the house to go deer hunting without me, I’d throw a raging, tear-filled fit to my
Momma,” said bass fishing’s funniest man, Gerald Swindle.

Gerald has spent most of autumn filming a new reality hunting show for the The Outdoor Channel®
called “The Hit List.” But for the G-Man, hunting ain’t about making TV shows. Instead, hunting’s a
soulful obsession for the 40-year-old Alabama native. “The more you fail, the harder you try. That’s