Pet Peeves

On the water

  • Fishing lakes that are overdeveloped with houses, so when I “gotta go” I ain’t got not where to hide.
  • Dogs that bark on piers when I’m trying to skip my jig under them.
  • Recreational boaters running over my marker buoy.
  • People that ride jet skis and think it’s a spectator sport.
  • Hole jumpers (other anglers stealing your best spots).
  • People who park crazy at the boat ramp.
  • People call themselves competitive anglers, but don’t give 100% on the water.
  • And my #1 pet peeve on the water is.......
  • People who holler at me and ask if I am KVD!

Off the water

  • Anything that involves waiting in line. 
  • Neighbors dogs barking all night.
  • UPS drivers running over my grass at the house.
  • Teenagers who burn out, and leave black marks in my driveway.
  • Forgetting something on my way to the airport.
  • Getting lost.
  • GPS that won’t work.
  • Talking to any customer service rep who can’t speak English.
  • People who park at the gas pumps -- and never pump gas.