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  • Diet Mountain Dew® sponsors Bassmaster Series, including Angler Gerald Swindle

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — B.A.S.S., the worldwide authority on bass fishing, announced today that Diet Mountain Dew® signed on for a year-long sponsorship of all B.A.S.S. tournament circuits, including the 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series, the 2013 Bassmaster Opens Series, the 2013 B.A.S.S. Nation events and the 2013 Bassmaster College Series.

  • Elites visit Morgan's Wonderland

    By Alan McGuckin
    Apr 1, 2013
    Justin Larson was proudly discussing his and teammate Adam Saldaña’s recent conference regional victory as members of “The Wheelchair Spurs,” as 7-time Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Kevin VanDam attempted to bait their hooks with hot dogs.

  • Swindle fishes with Etch A Sketch

    March 14th marks the beginning of the 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series Season. And it’s a pretty sure bet that Gerald Swindle is the only pro with an Etch A Sketch toy in his boat. Ironically, it has nothing to do with fun and games for bass fishing’s funniest pro. But instead, a means to erasing the past, forgetting about the bad, and focusing on the next step to success.


    Four of the most accomplished and popular pros find themselves just 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico to begin the 2013 Bassmaster Elite Series Season. VanDam, Iaconelli, Scroggins and Swindle graciously share their insight about the Sabine River, saltwater catches and satellite radio favorites.Q: Did you scout or pre-fish the Sabine River prior to arriving here this week?KVD: No, not at all, in fact I haven’t even studied it on Google Earth.Ike: I scouted, I was on the water, but I never made a cast.


    Q: How many GPS waypoints do you think you’ll actually rely on in the Bassmaster Classic?
    Scroggins: I’d say as few as 5.
    Swindle: 10
    Lee: 15
    Q: If we imagine the Shangri-La Marina area to be Grand Lake o’ the Cherokees’ 50-yard line, what percentage of your time will you spend south of there?
    Scroggins: I’ll spend about 90% of my time to the south of the mid-lake region.


    2/5/2013 - Our videos on Advanced Angler are some of our more popular features, and today we are launching a new video feature that is sure to be as popular as our Under the Lid and Behind the Scenes episodes.That feature is Zapped - Pro Powered Electronics.Zapped will be a semi-frequent feature on the pages of Advanced angler, and it will go to the anglers themselves to get tips and tricks to getting the most out of their electronic devices.Our first installment comes from none other than the G-Man, Gerald Swindle.




    How Swindle fishes football season
    Whether you prefer the college or the pro game, football season offers plenty of great bassin' opportunities.
    Fall is the favorite time of the year for bass fishing’s funniest man, Gerald Swindle. The former waterbug-quick Locust Fork High School running back and kick returner finds peace in a tree stand following a long Bassmaster Elite Series season, and he finds bass returning to a variety of shallow water patterns where he enjoys catching them

  • Smith Lake: Largemouth or Spots?

    JASPER, Ala. — Lewis Smith Lake’s bass profile is typical of many man-made impoundments in the middle South.
    Spotted bass thrive in the lower portion of many lakes from northern Alabama to North Carolina. Clear, deep water and immense schools of shad support prolific populations of spotted bass. They all but relegate the ranks of the largemouth to the headwaters. The clear water turns dingy. The depth rises closer to the surface. And the laydowns and structure largemouth prefer is more available.